The WeberSeas Sale & Purchase department has a broad knowledge of shipping assets, their location and availability. This team of professionals maintains contact with over five hundred ship owners and shipbrokers throughout the world to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information that enables them to make critical investment decisions. We monitor developments in this market on a daily basis, including world and industry events and trends, new ships being offered for sale and new ship sale transactions. We maintain a database with full technical and commercial details on thousands of existing vessels. This information enables WeberSeas to have first hand assessment of vessel particulars, locations and values to be communicated directly to potential buyers and sellers. This department is also engaged in structured transactions such as sale/leaseback and joint ventures as well as special projects.


The WeberSeas demolition department maintains an hourly knowledge of price fluctuations and trends in this highly volatile market. Our extensive experience as to the practices, payment and delivery procedures and reputation of the various ship breakers and cash buyers in all the major ship breaking markets worldwide is of considerable value to our clients in disposing of their obsolete vessels. Our expertise in this sector enables our clients to obtain the best possible price and delivery terms while minimizing their risk. WeberSeas services in this area include arranging sale of vessels on an "as is where is" basis with the buyer taking full responsibility for transportation to the recycling area as well as arranging for ocean towage of vessels that cannot proceed under their own power.


In addition to acting as a broker for the buying and selling of vessels, WeberSeas appraises ships for owners and operators, insurance companies, attorneys, leasing companies and we work closely with the leading ship finance banks and financial institutions who closely monitor their shipping portfolios.

Our database of current and historical sales information and our intimate knowledge of the value of a wide variety of vessel types is an invaluable resource to our clients. We have the ability to customize the evaluation type to match the particular requirements of our clients. We perform the following types of valuations: current market value basis charter free delivery, current market value including charter employment, historic values (a client may need a value from a specific date in the past), and residual values.

Most of our appraisals are standard desktop evaluations but some clients require the evaluation to include a physical inspection of the vessel. In these cases, we engage the services of qualified marine surveyors and incorporate the findings of their inspection report with our commercial data to arrive at a value.


WeberSeas performs bespoke maritime research and industry studies on request to address our clients' needs. We have performed detailed studies on both the dry and wet markets as well as comprehensive industry studies on specific market segments. Our approach is to focus our study to meet our client's needs and goals. This requires our distilling voluminous in-house data and external data sources into studies that address and help our clients in assessing varied business opportunities.